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From Paulus

New not done before Pullon Leaders. No loops required, Quick to pull on, lock with 2 uni's, Easy & Fast and 99% of main line strength, in products?????.





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New in.  The thinnest low breaking strain lines ever seen, look in Product info & Sales under Tasline brand, available in spools of 300yd to 1000yd. Paulus




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Hi Guy's

Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




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  Hi to all FISHOS, this Website is continually UPDATED, so keep in touch. PAULUS

We are based in Newcastle on the east coast of Australia, and Welcome visitors from all around the World.




LATEST UPDATES ,,,,,,Troll through the Website Go to the,,,, Tech Info FORUM for additional information.   


Send Your line you want tested to; Line Test, 13 Alhambra Ave , Cardiff, 2285, NSW Australia.       Email


The Bimini Twist Tool & Braid sales help pay the way for the free line testing, an investment of over $10,000 by myself.


This site, is all about good, honest, interesting factual information, its available to all of  those who want to catch fish on the next trip

out, and every fisher person deserves at least to do that, and no bs (that's not breaking strain) enjoy.

Bimini Twist tool in action.









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